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Invest in your inner strength… It is the crown you never take off!

I hear you. It is not easy when no one can fully understand what you are going through. I know as I have been there too! From the early university years throughout the life, I have faced challenges which some have drained my soul & energy dramatically. Yet, having a warrior mind, I couldn't & wouldn't give up. I had to rescue "ME"!

So I decided to expand my academical knowledge, learn from the best sources & the most experienced coaches & make the miracle work on myself! Now, every morning I look into the mirror smiling: "I did it!"

and so can you. Turn your dreams to goals & earn your success.
It is time to invest in precious "YOU"!

Professional Life Transformation Programs & Personal Life Coaching Services

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Start With Mind Clarity

If you are ready to improve your life, this is the starting point!

With this high impact consultation, gain your mind clarity. This 20/20 vision will guide you on planning an effective strategy towards your desired goal.

You will walk away with experiencing the amazing “A-ha” moment of your journey which enables you to recognize your best options, make a clear decision & win your success.

5 sessions,  $800

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Students Future Plan

University/College Art Portfolio

Professional Art Portfolio preparation for university & college submission as well as soft skills coaching for successful interview results. Please contact for more details.


  • Career Choice evaluation
  • Goal setting & process planning
  • Hands-on instructed art projects
  • Interview training
  • Regular meetings & problem solving
  • Finalized personalized Art Portfolio
  • Letter of recommendation

15 sessions, $2900

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Students Future Plan

Students Future Plan

Special customized program for young adults towards building a successful future both in personal life and career. Making the right decision is not only the result of our knowledge but also the outcome of clear thinking, which is the main core moral of this program.

This program provides:

Talent Discovery Test, Mind Mapping Skills, Lean Management Steps, Goal Setting Skills, Time Management Hacks & more...

2 month plan  $1800

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Self Authenticity

New Day, New Life & New You

Give yourself the chance for an ultimate life empowerment. This program is designed based on the impacts of emotional management, social life strategies & mindful communication techniques. Through this program, you will be able to discover your inner ELITE character.

You will walk through the high performance coaching method to reach your full potential in creating the best relationship with yourself & your world.  Are you ready to transform your life to a fulfilled & happy version which you deserve & desire?

3 month plan, $3500 & up

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Midlife Empowerment

Empower Your Mid-Life

Midlife Crisis is one of the most common challenges of our modern life. Many of us go through a passage of feeling lost, frustrated, questioning life & our decisions. The good news is that in many cases, there is no need to seek dramatical changes as the situation can be solved with practical simple solutions. All it takes is to earn the key skills on how to enhance your relationships, parenting skills, career & decision making.

These sessions are suitable both for couples as well as individuals.

2 month plan, $3000

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Boost Your Success

Boost Your Success

Do you know how to consider "NOW" as the primary focus of your "FUTURE" success?

Maximize your focus, set clear goals, manage your inner energy, eliminate your path from any mind blocks and prevent yourself from burnout.
It's time to enhance your knowledge on how to take the control & optimize your mind activities.

Earn a life last learning perspective on how to keep your Mind Power in charge & attract success!

8 sessions, $1500

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EFT Weight Management

Keep Calm & Lose Weight

Your success key in your weight loss approach, is to have a clear communication with your body. This knowledge will allow you to set a strong mindset so you can achieve your goal in a shorter time and enjoy having sustainable results.

With the benefit of high impact Hypnosis Coaching combined with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you will receive one of the most effective mindful ways that allows you to take control over your metabolism.
Losing weight must be done in harmony with your body & in a natural way, so you can have a permanent result while enjoying your life as a food lover!

3 month plan $1800

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Your Inner Harmony

Find Your Inner Harmony

Is your body language calm, peaceful & relaxed? Are you experiencing tension in your body?

Our mind plays an important role in our physical, social & emotional appearance. Mindfulness through Hypnosis Coaching, Chromotherapy and Crystal Reiki will help you to eliminate sleep challenges & relax your physical pain.

Can you resist having a glowing soul & a peaceful mind, in balance & in harmony with your inner joy?

It’s time to treat the hero in you with self love!

4 sessions, $840   (Temporary unavailable due to Covid-19)

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Stress Management

Stress Management 101

Living in a century of fast speed routines among the fully scheduled lifestyle, can dramatically increase the level of our stress. As its results, we experience anxiety, sleep challenges, mood swings, physical pain & false sense of unhappiness which effects our productivity & overall satisfaction.

In this program, you will learn & practice revolutionary techniques of mind clarity and stress relief to eliminate emotional discomforts and increase your balance & decision making towards having your best performance, both in personal & professional life.

Pay per session, $170 for 90 minutes

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Transform Your Relationships, Health, Career, Wealth & Live an Expansive Life!

Modern Coaching Method

How Does My Coaching Method Work?

STEP 1:  Sense of Self

The aim of this phase is to give you Mind Clarity by discovering the motivational core of your dreams, actions and reactions. You will choose your long term goals and you will be able to identify any doubts and uncertainties holding you back. You can then choose your path and begin your journey with a clear mind and the necessary confidence.


STEP 2:  Mind Mapping

Your Success Plan starts here. You will be able to review your strengths and skills (i.e problem solving, stress management and life strategies) and how to enhance them for best results. All obstacles that slow your success down will be addressed and you will be presented with practical solutions based on your best interests to help you achieve your goal.


STEP 3:  Sustainability

The most important part of any achievement is how to sustain it. As your personal life coach, I will provide you with the key information, available sources and necessary guidance through each and every steps of designing your customized sustainability plan. Your plan will be there to make sure you have gained trustable approaches in step1 and step 2, and also to increase your sense of comfortability towards practicing your chosen life transformation strategies in your daily life.

A Life Coach Does For The Rest Of Your Life What A Personal Trainer Does For Your Health & Fitness. - Elaine MacDonald


Client Testimonial

Nataly Restokian
Award winning Author, Journalist
""I cannot find words enough to explain the coaching impact that I receive from my brilliant, patient and loyal business & life coach Dawn
Dawn’s guidance & unconditional trustworthy coaching is enabling me to pursue my goals .
She doesn’t give advice; she leads you to find your own answers .
She doesn’t hear you , she listens & enables your mind to find your way .
Dawn is One In A Million Coach"

Dr. Norman Shaw

Dr. Norman Shaw
Professor - Business Systems, Ryerson University

"Over the past year, Dawn has been both my life coach and art therapist. She has spent time understanding my personality and my desired lifestyle. She has walked me through various strategies that have helped me develop a plan of action customized for me. This has been a combination of art lessons as well as coaching. I can recommend her as a caring skilled individual, who takes time to know you and then put in place a customized approach to boost self-confidence, which will lead to increased success and happiness.."

Farahnaz Owrang

Farahnaz Owrang
Senior Business Analyst at TD

"Dawn is a great coach, very patient, intuitive and wise.
She was quickly able to access my situation and helped me to make a few small changes that, quite literally, catapulted me out of my rut at work. She helped me to build the confidence and clarity I needed to take risks and unlock my potential.
I highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a coach who will create the positive, nurturing and space to support your personal and professional development"


" Dawn believes in the power of small changes and her fulfillment comes from witnessing that “A-ha!” moment in her clients’ lives."

Interview by Leah Butz
Canada Coach Academy


"Dawn lives her value when she sees her clients walk away with happiness, satisfaction,` the knowledge & solutions for their challenges they have been facing."

The Refinery Boot Camp
Community Innovation Lab

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